Changes to Susanna’s Apron


Happy summer! This is still Susanna’s Apron. I just tweaked the design a little. (I like green a whole lot better than orange!)
I’ve also combined my other blog, Late Nights and Latin, with this blog. This way, I should have time to sleep occasionally! You’ll notice the posts from Late Nights are now available on Susanna’s Apron. If you enjoyed Late Nights and Latin, please consider following Susanna’s Apron, where I’ll continue to offer Biblical encouragement in the context of everyday mommy life. Let me know if you have any questions or input!

Author: Columba Smith

Single homeschooling writer mom

6 thoughts on “Changes to Susanna’s Apron

  1. Hi, Stopping by and following you from voiceBoks. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


  2. I finally combined my 2 blogs into one and so glad I did…green was my mothers favorite color!


  3. It's much easier to keep up with only one blog! But I must admit, I haven't done a post since I combined them, lol! Better get busy…


  4. Hi! I'm visiting from voiceboks. Smart idea to combine both blogs. As busy moms, we usually don't get any “me time”. Now you can carve out a little for yourself.


  5. Happily following you from VB. Hugs!


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